iPhone 5, iPad 3 bound for changes in 2012

The analyst is confident that significant changes are expected next year. Munster believes a redesigned iPhone 5 will hit the market in mid-2012, while the iPad 3

The smartphone could feature near-field communications, as well as LTE network support.

The analyst also gives some estimates for 2013. He offered two scenarios for Apple’s products coming next year: a “base case” and a “bull case.”

Munster assumes Apple should sell between 142 and 162 million iPhone units next year, leading to an increase in revenues from 18 to 35%.

As for the iPad, he expects sales ranging from 66 to 77,500,000 units that would generate an increase of the income between 11 and 30%. However, he points out that Apple has to work on the tablet in order to make it meet market expectations and even increase its price.

Thus, the sales of Apple would increase from 14 to 28%, up significantly less correct, but this year it was 56%.

In the end, Munster estimates Apple’s revenue growth to be around 14% in the conservative scenario, and 28% in the optimistic scenario. In any case, the figures go lower than in 2011 when the increase was 56%.