iPhone 5 rumors, release date, features: the year in review for Apple

iPhone 5 skipped by Apple on October 4 in favor of the iPhone 4S

iPhone fans were disappointed back in october when Apple didn’t introduce the iPhone 5 and instead unveiled the iPhone 4S.

Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook, who took the reins after Steve Jobs stepped down from his position in August, announced the new iPhone 4S despite expectations to see the highly-anticipated iPhone 5.

The device features an A5 processor and dual-core graphics, as well as two antennas to improve communications over Wi-Fi and 3G and provide higher download speeds, a camera with an 8 megapixel sensor and, most importantly, Siri, the voice-activated assistant.

In November, reports appeared on the net stating that an anonymous source, an iPhone 5 close to what was imagined by the rumors did exist.

An insider claimed that a prototype of the smartphone did exist and that Steve Jobs opted the handset out just months before Apple was going to announce it because he was unhappy with its 4-inch screen, which was larger than previous iPhones, as he believed it would “fragment” the company’s iPhone line.

iPhone 5 was Steve Jobs’ signature project before death

A week after the death of Apple’s co-founder, reports surfaced asserting that the iPhone 5 was the last project that he focused on until his final days.

Jobs is said to have followed closely all the production steps, which should make it “cult classic” at the time of its release.

Steve Jobs died on October 5, one day after the unveiling of the iPhone 4S, after a long battle with cancer.

iPhone 5 rumored features

The entire 2011 has been rife with speculation on the characteristics of the much-anticipated iPhone 5.

The source who claimed to have had access to a prototype of the iPhone 5 also gave an insight into the possible features of the handset which include:

· 4-inch screen

· Aluminum backs (like the iPad 2)

· Liquid metal technology to make different colored phones

· Much faster, but lower battery

· 10-megapixel camera

· Thinner and wider

· No physical home button

Other rumored characteristics of the iPhone 5 are the curved Gorilla Glass display, 4G LTE technology, a quad-core CPU, a nano-SIM card and shatterproof OLED diѕрlаy.

In addition, a photo captured by what appears to be the future iPhone model leaked online in September, sparking media frenzy.

4-inch screen iPhone 5 reportedly arriving in the second half of 2012

Tech sites reported in late November that the next-generation iPhone will have a 4-inch LCD touch screen and a 0.5-inch increase on the current iPhone 4S, which confirms rumors that Steve Jobs was working on a “radical redesign” of the iPhone up until shortly before his death in October.

The site also wrote that the two companies began shipping the displays for a “new iOS device” and are rumored to be working on screens for the iPad 3.

The device is unlikely to be revealed until the second half of 2012 and it is expected be lighter and thinner than previous models.

iPhone 5 and Steve Jobs make Google’s 2011 search list

Google’s annual Zeitgeist list revealed that Apple dominated last year’s fastest-growing search terms with iPhone 5 landing at number 6 and iPad 3 at number 10.

Steve Jobs registered 982% in Google serarches between 2010 and 2011, with the highest point reached during the first week of October when the Apple CEO passed away.