China tests 500 km/h high-speed train

According to China Daily, this concept train exceeds the world speed record of 300 kilometers per hour held by the Beijing Shanghai High Speed Railway.

In addition, it also has a maximum drawing power of 22,800 kilowatts, as opposed to the current 9,600 kilowatts.

Along with this new project, China has announced its plans to spend nearly 48 billion euros (400 billion yuan) for the construction of railway infrastructure in 2012. Over 6,000 kilometers of track are in the program.

With a design inspired by an ancient Chinese sword, the train is built of plastic carbon fiber and magnesium to reduce weight and increase speed. No indication has been given on the date on which the six-car train could be put into service.

Safety seems to be of extreme importance for the Chinese government after the July incident when two bullet trains crashed into each other, killing 40.