iPhone app downloads reached 5 million in November

According to data from marketing firm Fiksu, this was all thanks to the successful launches of the iPhone 4S and the iOS 5, which upped downloads to 83 % higher than the same time in 2010.

In all, an average of 5.65 million per day was recorded for November. In October, the App Store Top 200 had 4.91 million free app downloads per day.

“As expected, and as we’ve seen before with new device launches, new owners’ enthusiasm is high and their appetite for app discovery and engagement is strong,” Fiksu noted. “This bears out in the numbers with daily app downloads hitting a new, all-time record peak reflecting heightened competition for rank in the Apple App Store. Additionally, the rapid adoption of iOS 5–and corresponding app updates–played a key role in this continued escalation in November.”

In addition, according to Fiksu’s Cost per Loyal User Index, which measures the amount of money brands have to spend to keep users loyal, it is revealed that cost was an average $1.64 per user in September 2011, then dropped to $1.47 in October and $1.43 in November.