iPhone 5 rumors: could feature quad-core A6 chip and “innovative display technology,” analyst says

The analyst admits that he initially believed Apple would introduce the quad-core A6 processor first on the iPad and then on future iPhone models. However, he has changed his opinion.

Citing a post at DigiTimes, Moore writes that the next iPad models will be the first to use Apple’s quad-core A6 processor. At present, iPad 2 and iPhone 4S feature the dual-core A5.

“And if the iPad 3 does indeed turn out to be powered by A6 silicon, it will be a strong indicator that the iPhone 5 will be likewise equipped,” Moore speculates.

Another rumor on the iPhone 5 comes from Germany-based MacTimes.

Citing “a reliable source,” the site writes that the handset will sport an “innovative display technology … based on adjoining and round pixels,” according to the Google Translate account of the German language post.

This would result in “greater clarity and truer forms, especially in curves.”