Jay-Z reveals Beyoncé’s miscarriage in song about daughter Blue Ivy Carter

To celebrate the birth of Blue Ivy Carter, Jay-Z has posted a new song on his official website Life & Times.

The song is called Glory and includes many references to his baby and wife Beyoncé.

In the song, the rapper talks about where the child was conceived (Paris) and even reveals that Beyoncé had lost a child at one point.

“Last time the miscarriage was so tragic, we was afraid you disappeared,” Jay-Z rapped, also speaking of “false alarms and false starts…all the pain of the last time, prayed so hard it was the last time.”

“The most amazing feeling I feel, Words can’t describe what a feeling, for real, Baby I’ll paint the sky blue, My greatest creation was you.”

The track is posted along with a photo of the Empire State Building lit up in blue.