Steve Jobs drove his Mercedes-Benz SL AMG without a license plate

Dieter Zetsche, the CEO of Mercedes, introduced the model with a direct reference to one of its most famous customers.

Zetsche talked about Jobs’ passion for the German car and his habit of buying one every six months. The head of the Stuttgart company also explained why the former Apple CEO never registered his car.

“Mr Jobs always drove his Mercedes-Benz SL AMG without the Californian licence plates. In part I’m sure because they detracted from the beauty of the car and our designers would certainly agree with that,” said Zetsce.

“Jobs got away with that by exploiting a loophole in California law that gave new car owners up to six months to get permanent plates. To ensure he never technically violated the law he reportedly would get a new Mercedes SL every six months. To me that’s all the more proof of the man’s true genius.”

Unfortunately, Steve Jobs didn’t get to see the latest, all-new Mercedes-Benz SL that officially debuted at the Detroit Motor Show and will arrive in showrooms in the coming months.