iPad 3, iPhone 5 rumors: 20 times more performance in Apple’s next-gen products

The company, which builds the GPUs for Apple’s mobile products, also announced that the future A6 chipset, that is believed to be introduced in the iPhone 5, could have a GPU that is 20-times more powerful than the current A5 model.

PowerVR Series6 GPUs can offer computing performance “exceeding 100 gigaflops and reaching the teraflops range, enabling high-level graphics performance from mobile through to high-end compute and graphics solutions,” the company stated.

The Series6 GPUs are based on the PowerVR Rogue architecture which Imagination claimed that will provide “ultra-realistic gaming” and enable more complex applications.

“Based on our experience in shipping hundreds of millions of GPU cores, plus extensive market and customer feedback, we have been able to set a new standard in GPU architecture, particularly in the areas of power, bandwidth and efficiency – the key metrics by which GPUs are now judged,” said CEO Hossein Yassaie.

“We are confident that with the Rogue architecture we have a very clear technology advantage and an exceptional roadmap for the PowerVR Series6 family which our partners can depend on.”

8 different chip makers have signed up for the new designs, but only 6 are listed. These include ST-Ericsson, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, MediaTek, Texas Instruments and Renesas Electronics

Although not on the list, Apple is believed to be among the partners that are set to receive the new processors since the Cupertino company is a major shareholder in Imagination.