Heather Locklear is out of danger after hospitalization

The actress’ sister called for help after she found Heather had absorbed a large amount of painkillers and alcohol.

Some speculate that Locklear’s psychological and emotional fragility may be due to her recent break up with Jack Wagner.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the actress was “out of control” when her sister dialed 911.

“Heather became a different person on drugs,” an insider told the show.

However, a spokesman for the hospital claimed the incident wasn’t a suicide attempt, but a simple accident. In addition, reports say she may have mixed alcohol and prescription medication.

“She is in no danger and she’s going to be just fine,” Heather’s parents, Bill and Diane Locklear, said in a statement issued by Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center.

Locklear had already alarmed her family in 2008 after her doctor called 911 reporting that she was suicidal.