iPhone 5 rumors: HzO could make iPhone 5 waterproof

This technology is able to make watertight any electronic component by applying a protective film at the nanometer scale on them during the assembly of a device

“HzO uses a unique coating processes to shield almost anything from water and corrosion damage,” the company said.

“Unlike other water damage solutions, with HzO technology a device is not sealed, water is able to enter. Instead, the electronic components inside the device are coated to provide protection, leaving the device unencumbered and always guarded against unexpected accidents.”

The ‘nanotech’ spray coating is applied to the components when assembling the electronic device. To demonstrate the reliability of his technique, a working iPhone and Samsung Galaxy were dunked into a bowl of water and still remained functional.

“We showed the Samsung Chairman the technology with a Samsung Galaxy S that we had coated with HZO and he couldn’t believe his eyes. Samsung is really excited by the tech,” HzO told tech site Pocket-Lint.

“We expect HzO to be in next season’s phones.”

The manufacturer has not given a lot of technical details. The HZO tech adds a nanoscale film barrier that repels water from sensitive electronics.

In the first video below, HZO is using the deposition of nanoparticles on and around the components to protect them from water or moisture.

The second video shows an employee of the firm plunging an iPod and a speaker in an aquarium filled with water and everything continues to run smoothly.