iPhone 5 two new concepts [PHOTOS & VIDEOS]

Presenting the iPhone SJ concept

Antonio De Rosa, founder of ADR Studio, imagined a new concept of the gadget, which he called the iPhone SJ, in memory of Steve Jobs.

The handset appears in De Rosa’s vision with a slightly larger screen and the firm’s logo inlaid on top of the screen.

The device integrates the A6 processor with a target of 10 million pixels for the camera.

There are no real changes in the volume buttons. However, the location of the SIM card was changed as it appears on the top edge of the iPhone.

The display is envisioned by De Rosa as edge-to-edge and it’s a “totally glass capacitive screen on a polycarbonate lightweight body.”

Home button could disappear from the iPhone 5

An iPhone 5 concept-video by designer Kris Groen shows a device with a 4-inch display in which the home button has been replaced by two separate home bumpers on the side.

The idea behind the concept is that with the future iPhone the user can simply squeeze the size of the phone on the left or right side of the device to use the home button.

The squeezing comes naturally since the position of the side buttons is based on the way phones are held.

By squeezing the buttons there a number of functions that the smartphone can perform, with no need to touch the screen.

Which concept do you think is closer to what the iPhone 5 will look like?