iPhone 5 rumor videos: release date, concept and 3D tech

iPhone 5 release date

The writers at pluggedin.com also posted a clip on the much-anticipated release date of the iPhone 5.

The clip covers various aspects ranging from the launch date, which many expect to be around fall 2012, to the design features of the device.

iPhone 5 Concept Features

Last year’s most watched video on Youtube was a clip presenting a series of iPhone 5 concepts that despite their attractiveness have been deemed rather unrealistic for Apple’s pocket sized smartphone.

Scoring more than 42 million views, the video shows a laser keyboard, holographic display and ultra thin body.

iPhone 5 to feature 3D tech?

The third video presented by pluggedin.com speculates on a series of features that the Apple device might include, with the most attractive one being 3D technology.

Although the possibility of such a characteristic isn’t very high, the poster of the clip claims we actually have a better chance of seeing it on the iPhone 5S.