iPhone 5 rumors: Facebook, Thunderbolt and 3D motion control could come to Apple’s next-gen device

iOS 5.1 hints at Facebook integration

Hints that Apple is working on a tight integration of Facebook into future iOS devices were discovered in the last beta circulating among developers.

Codes in the iOS 5.1 beta 3 firmware seeded to developers shows that Apple could plan introducing Facebook into the contacts, just as the current version does with Twitter.

Baked-in Facebook would give users the opportunity to post pictures and videos to their accounts directly from iOS, without having to open the Facebook app.

Tech site iMore found that the operating system features a field for a Facebook user name in the contacts app and came up with a demonstrative screenshot.


iPhone 5 could feature Thunderbolt technology

Three new patent applications from Apple detail on subjects such as the basic pinout of the Thunderbolt connector and the ways in which the wires are arranged within a cable.

“A connection may be provided between a portable media player and a display, a computer and a portable media player, or between other types of devices,” a patent reads.

The revolutionary I/O Thunderbolt technology is the new high-speed transmission format introduced by Apple that can transfer gigabytes of data in seconds.

The technology is expected to be featured on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

3D motion control could come to iOS devices soon

A patent application by Apple for “[a] three-dimentional (“3D”) display environment for mobile device,” titled “Sensor Based Display Environment”, shows that the California company would use the accelerometer and proximity sensors installed in the iDevices for a 3D interface on the iPhone.

“Due to the limited size of the typical display on a mobile device, a 3D GUI can be difficult to navigate using conventional means, such as a finger or stylus,” the patent reads.

“For example, to view different perspectives of the 3D GUI, two hands are often needed: one hand to hold the mobile device and the other hand to manipulate the GUI into a new 3D perspective.”

The interface would offer an overview of a 3D display environment that would provide data from the gyroscope to detect hand-movements in front of the screen.

This technology would allow the user to interact with the device by using simple movements while picturing the display as an “imaginary camera viewfinder.”