Apple is mentioned during presidential debate

Republican Presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum participated in the debate.

When asking the candidates about bringing back manufacturing jobs to the US, CNN host John King mentioned Apple as an example.

King tackled on the subject of Apple’s employing 500,000 workers through its Far East suppliers, a huge number compared to the 46,000 jobs it offers in America.

In response, Rick Santorum talked about “a plan in place” that he has to put this to an end.

He said: “Apple, you have all those employees over there, you make all those profits over there. If you want to bring that money back, right now you have to pay 35 percent tax. Under our plan, if you bring it back and invest in the plant equipment here in Charleston – you pay nothing. Put that money to work, invest it and you pay nothing – it’s a powerful incentive.”