iPhone 5 rumors: Apple wants to redesign future batteries for LTE

One reason why the iPhone hasn’t adopted LTE is that the chips used for such technology would be too large for the current form of the device.

In addition, such a feature would use too much of the battery’s power.

Fortunately, in a new patent application Apple writes about the company’s plan to make batteries thinner, which has led many to believe that LTE could come to the future iPhone 5.

According to tech site Cult of Mac, in order to bring a better battery life to upcoming iOS devices, Apple plans to revolutionize the shape of the batteries by building them from different electrode sheets.

This could also mean that such batteries could lose their rectangular shape to make way for custom designs that would fit the requirements of such measures.

The patent details on a series of various battery designs. An iPad is used an example to demonstrate how a battery can fit behind the device’s bezel and circle it, leaving room for the other components in the center.