Volkswagen wants to be like Apple in the automotive industry

“You have Apple and you have other products. This is what VW wants to be,” VW CC exterior design chief, Martin Kropp, said at the CC’s launch in France.

VW wants to be an Apple in the automotive industry because of the way the Cupertino company has conquered the world with its innovative products.

“You enjoy looking at all these products,” he said. “You know there is the function and engineering behind the products, but you also enjoying looking at them. You want simple designs and this is what we’re trying to achieve.”

Kropp believes that small technical improvements can help the German brand stand out from its competitors.

“We’re now looking at the fine details to really push ahead,” he said. “The head and tail lights of the new CC for instance now have lots of fine lines and intricate styling details.”

“The CC is one of the last VWs to get the new corporate face, but everything has been improved in the quality of the look. We’ve taken inspiration from the Phaeton for it.”