iPhone 5 rumors: “monster” launch and release date, analyst predicts

In a note sent to investors, Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray talked about the success of the iPhone 4S.

The analyst increased his projected iPhone sales for the last quarter from 26 million to 30 million.

But the main attraction of Munster’s research is that he speculates that the future iPhone 5 will have a “monster” launch.

“If Apple sells 30 (million)-plus iPhones in Dec., with no new form factor, up from 17.1m in Sept., it would be evidence supporting our survey work indicating that 94% of iPhone users plan to upgrade to a new iPhone,” Munster wrote.

“This theme suggests iPhone 5, which we are expecting in Aug. with a new form factor, will be a monster upgrade.”

Consequently, Munster predicted that 94 percent of the current iPhone owners will upgrade to the iPhone 5.

As for the iPad 3, Munster believes Apple will launch the tablet in April and by the quarter ending December 31, 2011 a number of 13.5 million units will have been sold.

In addition, he estimates that the Mac will record an increase of 25 percent in sales.