iPhone 5 rumors: Sony’s 13-megapixel CMOS image sensor could help make iPhone 5 thinner

The new CMOS sensor layers the pixel section the formations of back-illuminated structure pixels onto chips that have the circuit section for signal processing.

Two new eight and 13-megapixel sensors equipped with a “unique RGBW Coding” function that allow a higher image and noise quality have been released by Sony.

In addition, they also feature HDR (high dynamic range) imaging skills, which ensure more dramatic lighting in videos.

According to an official statement on the company’s website, the commercial success of smartphones is the reason why “more sophisticated cameras” are in demand.

This new design seems perfect for thin devices that need to work properly both in and outdoors, and the iPhone is a perfect example in this sense.

“Initially we will work to insure that these sensors can be used in all smartphones,” said Yasuhiro Ueda, an executive in Sony’s image sensor division. “After we have achieved success with phones, we are planning to expand into areas such as audio-visual products, surveillance and manufacturing.”

Given that Apple’s next iPhone is belived to be thinner and lighter, many assume Apple will redesign the camera system.

Fortunately, Sony’s brand-new CMOS image sensor seems to be the perfect match for the future iPhone 5.