Halle Berry’s nanny fails to obtain restraining order

Alliance Kamdem wanted to obtain a restraining order against Aubry, but the judge called her petition “insufficient and speculative.”

Kamdem, who has since quit her job, also accused the model of violently pushing her out the door in an incident that took place last June.

In addition, she claims that during a recent trip to Spain, Gabriel “would walk over and violently grab/take Nahla away from me.”

The judge said Kamdem’s issues are to be resolved in family court.

In the meantime, Halle sought an order prohibiting Aubry to have any contact with Nahla during the investigation but Judge Scott Gordon has decided to postpone the matter until Monday, when Judge Mark Juhas, who’s been handling the case but is on vacation this week, returns.

Gabriel Aubry is under investigation for child endangerment and battery after being accused of pushing Nahla’s nanny into a door while she held the child in her arms.