iPhone 5 rumors: Steve Jobs wanted Lytro’s camera tech in the next iPhone

According to Adam Lashinsky’s new book, Inside Apple, Jobs discussed with Ren Ng, CEO of a company specializing in photography called Lytro, shortly before his death on a partnership with the manufacturer.

After a demonstration of his technology, 32-year-old Ren Ng was asked by Jobs to write down three things Lytro would like to do in collaboration with Apple.

Unfortunately nothing is known of these projects, but perhaps they are being developed in the Cupertino labs.

The Lytro Light Field Camera has the advantage of being able to adjust its focus and clarity thanks to its multiple lenses, together with a structured grid. Its system of lenses allows it to capture vast fields of light from multiple angles.

But the biggest attraction of Lytro technology is the ability to snap a picture and then adjust the focus.

Lytro is also working on a sensor that aims to capture an image instantly – Apple has optimized the camera of the iPhone 4S so it is particularly fast, but this technology would allow the user to take shots almost on the moment.

Coupled with the system of post-focus, the technology is indeed revolutionary.