iPhone 5 rumors: what to expect from Lytro’s camera tech

One of the many projects that Steve Jobs had the intention to develop focused on photography.

The iPhone 4S contributed to the project of technological revolution that the former Apple CEO envisioned before his passing as the latest smartphone from Apple shows real changes in photography including the facial recognition system, taking pictures in HDR, the high-speed taking pictures and video recording with an 8 MP sensor which provides outstanding quality.

However, it is still far from Jobs’ plans and dreams, who aimed much higher.

An excerpt from the book Inside Apple by Adam Lashinsky shows that the tech genius has expressed great interest in Lytro, a company specializing in photography, and even met discussed with Ren Ng, the CEO of Lytro, a few months before his death.

Ren Ng is a graduate of Stanford University who has invented a new process to capture images. The technology offered by Lytro captures all light fields at all levels, without the need to focus or to assign this task to the device.

Images captured with the camera can be edited later on the computer and there the user will be able to focus on the person or the object. The photos are also never blurred.

The technology was named Innovation of the Year by Popular Science in 2011.

Tech site computerworld.com has come up with a list of the most interesting features the Lytro camera includes. These are:

– Since it is a “light field” camera, Lytro can record the amount of light traveling in every direction through every point in space.

– It eliminates the delay needed when taking digital photios because the focusing takes place after clicking the shutter.

– The focal point can be edited between 3.5 inches to infinity.

– It features an 8x zoom lens.

– Lytro allows users to adjust the focus of their photos after the picture has been taken.

– The camera is built from a multitude of micro lenses that fracture the image into thousands of light particles and then unite the data in a single picture.