Rihanna sports new tattoo “Thug Life”


“All these bi**##es screaming that 2pac back ♫ #THUGLIFE, ” Rihanna tweeted.

The letters were permanently tattooed on her fingers with pink ink.

“I #LOVE my new tattoo!!! Can’t wait for yall to see it!!! I got it in “Tibetan” this time!!! #approved,” the singer tweeted.

“Chill babes #noshade. Err’body has an opinion, but yall know what yall can do with them!!! #THUGLIFE,” she wrote, in response to fans’ reactions.

Last September, Rihanna attempted to tattoo the word “life” on her fingers, but she eventually opted for a semi-permanent one.

The words “Thug Life” are inspired from a tattoo of rapper 2Pac. The Barbados singer has inked the two words on her abdomen.

So far, Rihanna has 15 tattoos visible on her body: her ear, behind her ear, on her back, on her ankle, on her finger etc.

Her most popular tattoos include a rain of stars on her neck, musical notes, the sign of Pisces and a prayer written in Sanskrit on the hip.