iPhone 5 rumors in time: release date, components, design, price, features & latest news

But until the fifth iPhone hits the market, Apple fans are still excited to get their hands on the iPhone 4S.

Here are a series of rumors about the iPhone 5, from the rumored launch to design, components, specifications and more:

• The new iPhone 5 will be equipped with an A5 dual-core processor like the iPad 2.

• The device could have a white version and be equipped with a CDMA chip.

• The iPhone 5 could sport an 8MP camera or even better.

• The display is rumored to sport 4 inches.

• The iPhone 5 could have NFC and LTE technology.

• The handset could benefit from iTunes Cloud and it may have greatly improved voice control systems.

• The new iPhone could be released in a special version designed for mobile operators that already offer access to the 4G network.

• The best equipped iPhone model could have 64 GB of internal memory.

• According to latest the rumors, the iPhone 5 might not offer such a large storage capacity based on internal memory and that would require the user to buy a memory card with the desired capacity.

• The new iPhone could have a totally new design, inspired by the design of the iPad 2.

• The iPhone 5 could make full HD videos.

• The new iPhone could be released in a low-cost version.

• The iPhone 5 may not have a Home button and it could be powered by much better battery autonomy.

• The new iPhone might have a screen that could capture 3D content (with or without glasses).

• According to Susquehanna, Apple has decided to launch the new iPhone in June next year.

• iPhone 5 will get a larger screen than the 3.8 or 4.0, namely 4S inches.

• Recent rumors say that Apple is preparing to incorporate in the future iPhone a camera with Advanced Light Field technology, which would enable the user to choose the focus points taking the shot.

• Other rumors say that Apple is considering equipping the iPhone with an A6 quad-core processor and a special anti-shock system similar to airbags.

• The iPhone 5 will appear in the summer according to an unnamed source from the manufacturer Foxconn.

• Another series of rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 claim the smartphone will have an A6 quad-core 28-nm SoC processor, developed by Samsung.

• The iPhone 5 could sport Apple’s I / O Apple technology called Thundebolt that enables a faster transfer of data and phone recharging.

• The iPhone 5 will have a rubber or plastic bezel when it arrives in the fall of 2012.

What rumor do you think is closest to the future of the iPhone 5?