iPad 3, iTV and iPhone 5 could bring Apple stock to a price of $665

“Our monthly channel checks indicated very strong sales trends for the iPhone 4S at all three U.S. carriers and overall strong iPhone sales in international markets,” he says in a note, as cited by cnbc.com. “We are increasing our March quarter iPhone estimates from 30.1 million to 32.6 million units.”

Walkley believes that the demand for the iPhone5, iTV and iPad3 should drive the stock to $665.

Regarding the release date of the iPhone 5, the analyst explains that competitors are planning launches so that they avoid competition.

“They’re delaying launches on the belief that the iPhone comes out in summer 2012,” he says.

The analyst also predicts that the iPad3 will premiere in the first week of March.

“There’s a major trade show in Barcelona at the end of Feb,” he explained. A lot of Apple competitors will announce rival products and we think Apple will want to steal thunder back for the iPad 3. So my firm thinks it comes during the first week in March.”

As for the iTV, Walkley estimates that the device, which is rumored to integrate Siri, besides other Apple gadgets, will bring a significant growth to the company.

“With all the growth and momentum and all the market share they can win, we think shares remain undervalued. Apple is our top pick,” he says.