iPhone 5 release date, specs, rumors 6 – 9 Feb: May and June release date, “macroscalar” architecture and others

iPad 3 and iPhone 5 to arrive in May and June, iTV scheduled for 2013?

Earlier this week, Daiwa Securities, an Asian financial services firm, provided a screenshot of the leaked calendar from San Francisco’s Moscone Center, hinting that the event could take place between June 10 and June 15.

In addition, the blog MacOtakara announced that the iPad 3 will be unveiled in March during a presentation organized by Apple.

As for the iTV, DigiTimes reported that Apple is unlikely to release the rumored Apple-branded TV in 2012.

iPhone 5 could feature “macroscalar” architecture

Apparently, the Cupertino tech giant is getting ready to implement the “macroscalar” technology on its upcoming products, which many assume to be the highly-anticipated iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

Macroscalar provide better support for the performance of a processor, while consuming less power.

Apple is likely to develop this type of architecture since the company designs its own processors, software and hardware.

iPhone 5, iPad 3 and iTV could bring Apple stock to a price of $665

Canacorrd Genuity analyst Michael Walkley expects Apple to gain more market share in the first quarter of this year, all thanks to the high demand for iPhones. Walkley believes that the demand for the iPhone5, iTV and iPad3 should drive the stock to $665.

Regarding the release date of the iPhone 5, the analyst explains that competitors are planning launches so that they avoid competition. The analyst also predicts that the iPad3 will premiere in the first week of March.

As for the iTV, Walkley estimates that the device, which is rumored to integrate Siri, besides other Apple gadgets, will bring a significant growth to the company.