iPad 3 rumors: Sharp Retina display and better camera leaked

Last week, photos leaked by Japanese parts reseller iLab Factory revealed what appears to be a high-resolution (2048×1536) 9.7-inch Sharp display destined for the upcoming iPad 3.

The parts include a Sharp LCD panel, a backplate with the Apple logo and a 30-pin dock connector, all claimed to be from Apple’s next iPad.

Placing all the parts together, the site found that they matched, leading iLab facFory to the assumption that the components are from a prototype build of the iPad 3.

“We assembled the back plate of iPad 3 (?) into the LCD panel by Sharp Corporation, which we’ve got the other day,” iLab Factory said in the blog post.

“The arrows indicate points which the screw holes are just the right size. Now, it became clear that the LCD panel made by Sharp was designed for this back panel.”

The site also noted that the back plate is about a millimeter thicker than that of the iPad 2.

In addition, the same back plate suggests that the iPad 3 will feature a better camera as the camera hole in the rumored iPad 3 case is almost the same size in diameter as that on the iPad 2.

However, design differences between the two hint that the iPad 3 may include an improved camera lens and senor.

iLab also analyzed the attachment screw holes on the back plate, concluding that the iPad 3 chassis was made for the Sharp Retina Display LCD panel.