iPad 3 release date: the device likely to be unveiled on March 7

According to Apple blog iMore’s Rene Ritchie, who cites “sources who have been reliable in the past,” Apple’s planning its next launch event for March 7, which is likely to correspond to the announcement of a third-generation iPad.

The rumor was also confirmed by the Loop’s Jim Dalrymple, viewed as a credible analyst when it comes to Apple.

The new iPad is expected to feature and a 2048×1536 Retina display (twice that of the iPad 2), a quad-core A6 processor and 4G LTE networking.

Furthermore, rumors suggest that the device could be fitted with an improved camera, a bigger battery and a dual-LED backlit system for an 2048 x 1536 HD display.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 was released Monday, February 13. The new tablet is seen by many as the iPad 3’s main competitor.

Recently, photos leaked by Japanese parts reseller iLab Factory revealed what appears to be a high-resolution (2048×1536) 9.7-inch Sharp display destined for the upcoming iPad 3.

The parts include a Sharp LCD panel, a backplate with the Apple logo and a 30-pin dock connector, all claimed to be from Apple’s next iPad.