iPhone 5 beta testing messages are a scam

The text claims that Apple is seeking 1,000 testers for text messaging on the iPhone 5.

Unsolicited texts and posts on social-networking sites quickly spread on the net starting earlier this month.

“Apple needs iPhone5 testers:The first 1000 users who visit http://celltestnkeep.com and enter code 1000 will get to test & keep the new iPhone5,” the text read.

Apparently, the messages are a hoax meant to generate traffic to websites that have no connection with the iPhone 5 or Apple.

By accessing http://celltestnkeep.com, the user is redirected to onlinetechrewards.com where an iPhone 5 banner requests the email for the beta testing program.

This way, personal information is sold to spammers and other criminal organizations.

AT&T is advising its users to contact Apple if they receive such a message. In addition, users can also report the spam at www.donotcall.gov.