Amazon Kindle Fire 2 possible launch date in May or June

Rumors of a 7-inch upgrade to the current model and a larger 9-inch tab have been circulating on the net lately.

According to China Times, who cites a source close to the production process, could start shipping as early as May or June.

The device has proven quite profitable for Amazon, mainly due to its affordabe $199 price point.

The company is now said to plan to take over the process of selecting and certifying components in order to reduce manufacturing costs and ultimately offer a lower price device,

Besides Quant, who produced the first Kindle Fire model, the second-gen tablet is rumored to be assembled Foxconn and launched in May or June before being sold at the end of Q2 2012.

The report also speculated that the next tablet could feature a microSD slot, actual volume buttons and Bluetooth.

[Image source: YouTube]