iPhone 5 release date rumors: next iPhone to come a year after the fall launch of iPhone 4S

The Cupertino tech giant is reportedly planning to release the next-gen iPhone this fall, probably in September or October, and intends to maintain this launching schedule in the years to come.

Every year Apple organizes the WWDC conference in June and this year Moscone West Center in San Francisco is reserved for the period 11 – 15 June for the company.

The convention center calendar shows that during this period a meeting of members of a corporation will take place. Many have noticed that Apple schedules its WWDC conferences in the same time frame so it’s highly probable that the two events are actually the same.

Daiwa Securities claims that the iPhone 5 will be released at this June event, although the latest news about the release date point to a fall launch, according to Macotakara. The only reason for a quick launch would be the reducing of sales.

While everyone was eagerly awaiting the launch of the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S proved to be the most successful device from Apple and the company would have no reason to release a new model 3 or 4 months before the 4S celebrates a year since its launch.

At WWDC, Apple usually presents new iPhones and last year they released the iOS 5, iCloud and Mac OS X Lion. It is very likely that a presentation of the OS X Lion Mountain will take place this year.

So, the WWDC that usually had Apple release iPhones turned into the WWDC that will probably present new versions of the OS X.

This month Apple announced the new OS X Mountain Lion that is announced for a late summer launch, but will most likely be introduced at WWDC 2012 as it previously happened with the Mac OS X Lion last year at the same conference.

By 2012 Apple will release a new version of the OS X every summer but will present it in advance at the WWDC with the new version of the iOS.

Perhaps we will find out in April if Apple plans to introduce a new iPhone at WWDC 2012.

Up until 2011 Apple used to hold events in April when new versions of the iOS were presented, but last year the iOS 5 was presented at the WWDC conference.

The launch of the iPhone 4S in October helped Apple report record sales around the holidays, taking advantage of the period.

In 2010, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 4 and iOS 4 at WWDC, bearing the same design as the prototype that had been lost in bar and then “found” and published all over the Web by Gizmodo.

In 2009, iPhone 3GS, the new MacBook Pro models and the MacBook Pro Aluminum Unibody gadgets, which include of 13, 15 and 17 inches versions, debuted in June.

July 2008 brought iPhone 3G, and the previous year in June Apple was launching the first-generation iPhone at the WWDC where Steve Jobs presented the device and the Leopard operating system.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 4S sales are going very well, bringing large profits for Apple. In these circumstances, the launch of a new iPhone model a year earlier is only justified from a financial perspective.

Previous iPhone models were launched in June and July, except 4S iPhone which was launched in October 2011.

Here are the dates when the devices were released:

iPhone – June 2007

iPhone 3G – July 2008

iPhone 3GS – June 2009

iPhone 4 – June 2010

iPhone 4S – October 2011

Based on what we have presented regarding the iPhone launch, what do you think?

Although there is no official confirmation, could the iPhone 5 be released this summer at the WWDC when the OS X Mountain Lion is likely to be presented, or will we see an October launch when the iPhone 4S will celebrate a year since its release?

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