iPad 3 Retina Display rumors resurface – VIDEO

MacRumors had laid hands through “unreported channels” on a screen that they presented as being that of the future tablet from Apple.

After analyzing it under a microscope, the site confirmed that the display has a 2048 x 1536 resolution, which is double the horizontal resolution on the iPad 2’s current 1024 x 768 LCD.

To remove any doubt, MacRumors asked the site iFixit to perform tests on this screen and certify that it was indeed the one for the iPad 3.

Despite their best efforts, iFixit’s engineers were unable to connect the display to an iPad 2 because the iPad 3 LCD cable is a completely different type than the one found on the current tablet.

However, the USB microscope observation has nonetheless revealed twice as many pixels on the screen of the iPad 3 as compared to the iPad 2.

Here are the results caught on video by iFixit: