iPhone 5 rumors: could the next iPhone sport micro dock for larger batteries?

According to iMore, the Cupertino tech giant is reportedly ditching the current 30-Pin connector in order to include bigger batteries and 4G LTE tech.

“The dock connector as it exists now is a relatively big component that takes up, while not a lot of space compared to the entire assembly, a lot of space compared to the difference between mini and micro SIM,” Rene Ritchie at iMore wrote yesterday.

The iPhone 5 is believed to be the first Apple device to feature the micro dock connector, followed by the iPad and iPod touch.

The site reports that the new dock connector will not be MicroUSB due to its slow data transfer speeds, nor Thunderbolt as this technology is not compatible with all the computers.

Apple is not at all happy with the current 30-pin connector that uses space that could be used for other components.

A new micro dock connector would allow Apple to bring new features to the future iPhone without having to increase its size.

Latest rumors speculate that the iPhone 5 could be launched in the fall, in September or October, and not this summer as it was previously estimated.

Rumor has it the handset will sport a larger screen and 4G LTE compatibility.