Tesla responds to “unfounded” rumors on car batteries

Earlier this week, blogger Michael DeGusta created a fuss when he posted about the “devastating design flaw” that he claimed was leaving many Tesla cars “bricked.”

DeGusta wrote that at least five Tesla electric roadster owners accidentally destroyed their batteries by letting them lose all their electric charge.

Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk took to the company’s blog on Friday addressing the concerns.

Musk called the controversy an “irrational fear” and blamed it on “a single blogger.. spreading a rumor.”

“A single blogger is spreading a rumor about electric vehicles becoming inoperable,” a condition referred to as “bricking,” Tesla said on its website. “’Bricking’ is an irrational fear based on limited information and a misunderstanding of Tesla’s battery system.”

The company explained that EV owners shouldn’t worry about oil changes, exhaust checks, or spark plug replacements.

“You can drive it for many years by simply plugging it in when needed, and performing maintenance once a year,” Tesla said.

“In return, we ask that you remember to charge it. A plugged-in Tesla is not only charging its battery, it is also keeping key systems within the car functioning properly. Tesla owners around the world keep their cars charged on a daily basis without any issues at all. If ever the battery in your Tesla runs low, the car is designed to let you know with repeated visual and audible warnings. If you continue to ignore the warnings, they will persist and increase..”