Apple developing A5X and A6 processors, iOS 5.1 code hints

A recently leaked image, presumed to be iPad 3’s logic board, showed an A5X processor. After the image went around the world, many concluded that the tablet won’t feature a quad-core processor, but a much improved dual-core one.

However, 9to5Mac claims that Apple is preparing a nice surprise for the month of March.

To argue their case, they present a series of lines of codes hidden in the beta version of iOS 5.1. According to the various indications on the screenshot, the A6 processor is codenamed S5L89 50X, while the A5X processor is marked by the code S5L89 45X.

The images have led to mounts of speculation. Bloomberg concludes that the next Apple touch pad will be equipped with an A6 quad-core processor.

Others, like Joshua Topolsky from The Verge, indicate an improved dual-core processor compared to the iPad 2.

Others still speculate that the A5X processor is reserved for the Apple TV or a possible 8-inch iPad or that the model overview would in fact be only a prototype of the iPad 3.