iPhone 5, not iPad 3, will be waterproof

According to Cult of Mac, various companies are interested in making Apple’s devices resistant to water.

Among them, HzO and Liquipel are competing to make the iPhone 5 waterproof at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

HzO has made a name for themselves after presenting their technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year.

The tech is able to make watertight any electronic component by applying a protective film at the nanometer scale on them during the assembly of a device

“HzO uses a unique coating processes to shield almost anything from water and corrosion damage,” the company said.

“Unlike other water damage solutions, with HzO technology a device is not sealed, water is able to enter. Instead, the electronic components inside the device are coated to provide protection, leaving the device unencumbered and always guarded against unexpected accidents.”

The ‘nanotech’ spray coating is applied to the components when assembling the electronic device. To demonstrate the reliability of his technique, a working iPhone and Samsung Galaxy were dunked into a bowl of water and still remained functional.

“We have agreements in place with all of our partners preventing us from talking about upcoming devices,” HzO’s Director of Marketing and Sales, Rick Peterson, told Cult of Mac regarding the company’s collaboration with Apple on making future iPhones and iPads waterproof.

When the site inquired whether the iPad 3 will benefit from such a feature, Peterson didn’t seem to encourage hopes of a waterproofed such device: “In general, it takes at least six months or more from signing a deal with a partner to the release of a device using our technology. No one was even talking about this technology six months ago, so it’s going to take a while for the first phones shipping with HzO to reach market. We hope to see some of them announced this week at Mobile World Congress, and some of these will be shipping later in the year.”

As for Liquipel, the small U.S. company has launched an ultra-thin coating that promises to make smartphones completely waterproof.

The company has created a method of using a “nano” coating of the inside and outside of the iPhone that will protect it if you are clumsy by nature or your job requires you to be near water.

Based in Santa Ana, California, the company posted a video on YouTube that shows an iPhone 4 playing a video while submerged in water.

“Water will just run through the machine,” says Liquipel president Danny McPhail. “It actually beads right on top of the circuit board and rolls off.”

Liquipel charges $US60 to coat a smartphone, with shipping adding to the cost.