iPhone 5 rumors: Apple’s next iPhone to run on Clearwire after the carrier moves to LTE?

According to Clearwire CEO Eric Prusch, if the company switches to LTE, an iPhone that would be compatible with its network seems like a very plausible option for Apple.

“Our spectrum is clean, it’s contiguous, it’s deep and it doesn’t suffer from interference issues,” Prusch recently told AllThingsD at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Clearwire initially built its 4G network around WiMax and a few months ago they were having financial issues.

But thanks to Sprint Nextel, its wholesale partner, the company has overcome the difficulties.

And as Sprint gets the iPhone in October, Clearwire’s network is likely to offer its services to Apple’s next iPhone, as long as it moves to LTE.

Prusch refused to comment on whether an iPhone would run on Clearwire.