Angelina Jolie is “malnourished”, according to Dr. Drew

The actress’ appearance on the red carpet at the Oscars on Sunday, where she displayed a thin, bony leg, made headlines around the world.

Jolie accompanied her partner Brad Pitt at the Oscars, where she presented honors for Best Original Screenplay and Adapted Screenplay.

Dr. Drew appeared on The View on Friday where he said he believed Angelina is seriously malnourished and dangerously thin.

“I’m tired of keeping quiet about this stuff,” Dr. Drew said. “When I was quiet about prescription drug use and then everybody starts dying, now I feel an obligation to speak up, she’s malnourished. She has the stigmata of malnutrition.”

“I just see malnutrition for some reason there, and we shouldn’t look at that as an ideal of beauty. She’s a beautiful woman, but she needs to be better nourished,” he added.

Earlier this week, Bill O’Reilly similarly criticized Jolie’s appearance, saying that she looked “emaciated” at the Oscars.