iPad mini will arrive in Q3 2012, says Samsung Securities

The information came from an Asian publication but they are confirmed by Samsung’s investment bank through a leaked document obtained by OLED-Display.net.

The doc is dated December 2011 and the site claims it got it from “an anonymous user” at Samsung.

The paper says Apple is interested in buying 7-inch screens from Samsung for the iPad mini and that the launch of this product is to take place in Q3 2012.

In addition, the document seems to confirm the use of “higher-resolution IPS panels” in the next-generation iPad.

According to the note, Sharp is “trying to produce” IGZO LCD panels for the iPad, but apparently failed to mass produce the screen in time for the upcoming iPad 3.

It is speculated that over 100 million iPads, including the mini version, could be sold in 2012.