iPhone 5 rumors: new iPad A5x CPU may not power the next iPhone

The chip has two CPU cores, just like the A5, and four graphics cores for improving the multimedia performance and the swift operation of the new iPad’s display.

However, according to Linley Gwennap, founder and principal analyst of Linley Group, the A5X may not be used on the next iPhone since it isn’t ideal for smartphones.

“I think that this new chip is probably just for the iPad,” Gwennap said in an interview with MacWorld. “It looks like they planned ahead for this.”

The analyst believes that Apple is more likely to focus on improving battery life rather than graphics on the next iPhone.

Gwennap also said that the Cupertino company may have opted for the A5X because it didn’t want to wait for a 28-nm chip.

In addition, MacWorld cites Dean McCarron, an analyst with Mercury Research, who agrees with Gwennap.

“There’s no technical reason to make the iPhone display better,” he said. “For phones in particular … there’s a lot of incentive to use the latest process.”

The analyst also suggests that the 28-nm chip is a better option thanks to its power efficiency and approves of Apple’s decision to stick to a dual-core CPU, given that most of the company’s devices aren’t built to support a four-core processor.