Will the iPhone 5 be the iPhone? The New iPad is actually the iPad

To everyone’s astonishment, Apple chose to simply name its last tablet the iPad. Not the iPad 3 or ipad HD. The iPad.

Everyone was left wide-eyed by the iPad’s new name: “The new iPad.” However, Apple’s Website product tab simply says “iPad.”

“It’s just ‘iPad.’ It’s what it is,” an Apple spokesman told kjrh.com.

Many took to Twitter and other social networking sites to express their surprise.

Salesforce.com Chief Executive Marc Benioff tweeted: “Lame name of ipad3 “The New iPad”. Where is the zen? Ipad3? Ipads? Ipad retina? Ipadx?”

“Is it an Anonymous iPad?” a user wrote, according to CNN.

“So this is the ‘New iPad,’ ” asked Nick Bilton, a tech writer for The New York Times. “Is the next one going to be called the ‘New-New iPad’? Where do they go from there?”

The confusion comes mainly from the fact that the Cupertino tech giant launched its first tablet, named the iPad, in 2010.

Typically, everyone was expecting the launch of the iPad 3 but apparently the company is returning to its roots.

Some analysts argue that the name choice seems logical since Apple could want to avoid a product numbering, as it happened with the iPhone.

Similarly, the iPad naming has sparked speculation that the company’s next smartphone could be called the iPhone, and not the iPhone 5.