Google’s Nexus Tablet to be made by Asus, launch date slated for May?

The very first tablet made by Google should come out in May and will be manufactured by Asus, according to latest reports.

DigiTimes reports that the handset will come with the Google Play Store loaded on it and will be powered by Android OS v.4.x (Ice Cream Sandwich).

As for the specs, the site writes about a 1280×800 resolution display and a quad-core Tegra 3 chip.

In addition, the tablet is rumored to have a 7-inch touchscreen and to be priced somewhere between $199 and $249.

There is still no official information on the existence of a Google tablet, but rumors have been persistent since Google Chairman Eric Schmidt vaguely alluded to “a tablet of the highest quality” set for release in 2012.

Google’s tablet will become the direct competitor to Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which was launched in November 2011.