Apple patent details how iPhones, iPads can become universal remotes

The Cupertino tech giant has patented an idea for a universal TV remote will be able to control multiple household entertainment devices via an iPad or iPhone.

“One of Apple’s wild new universal remote features works like this: you take a photo of your current TV remote and it sends it to iCloud for analysis,” according to Patently Apple.

“It then sends a ‘virtual copy’ of your remote, functionality and all, to your iPhone. You’re now able to control your current TV with Apple’s advanced universal remote and enjoy all of Apple’s TV remote features and likely tie-in products and services.”

The patent application was discovered by Patently Apple. Originally filed in the third quarter of 2010, it was just made public by the United States Patent & Trademark Office on Thursday.

Patently Apple believes that rather than relying on app add-ons, Apple will integrate the technology into the future iPhone.