iPhone 5 concept design pictures of “The New iPhone”, released with 4.6-inch display ‎

The Italian designer imagined an iPhone with no sim card, but that uses the phone’s operating system and 4G LTE technology to collect data.

This new iPhone isn’t equipped with a physical Home button. The button has been integrated into the display, built at the bottom of the touchscreen and specifically in the dock displayed on a second screen to separate the main screen.

Available in several colors, the concept iPhone has an LED-powered border which can be used “to show the strength of battery life or to show you a preferred caller: you can choose the color thanks to the LED-edge dedicated app.”

The buttons for adjusting the volume and locking the phone have been moved to the top edge.

In De Rosa’s vision, the smartphone has three Retina displays: the main screen in the middle, a top screen for notifications and network information and a screen for App dock, multitasking panel and so on.

Other specs include Siri, gyroscope on 4-axis, motion sensor and “led powered edge,” which accurately displays the battery life.