iPhone 5 rumors: Apple’s next iPhone to be made of glass?

The newly published publication was dug up by Engadget.

The application states: “The enclosure can be formed from a hollow glass tube or two glass members bonded together. A laser frit bonding process may be used to hermetically seal the two glass members together to create a water resistant electronic device.”

While some parts, like the front screen, would be transparent, the rest of the handset would be painted.

The patent application also states that parts of the case may be opaque in order to avoid having sensors be affected by light.

Currently, the iPhone 4 and 4S are made from two pieces of glass and a steel frame.

However, the filing also noted that Apple will have to address some problems first.

“While the glass material used in modern smartphones is quite tough, a smartphone made entirely out of glass could easily be damaged in a fall,” the document read.