Prince Harry reunites with ex Chelsy Davy

“Prince Harry was there and so was Chelsy,” a palace source told the Sunday Express.

“Clearly they are still close. They appeared at ease with each other and were chatting happily together. Whether they have rekindled their relationship is anyone’s guess but they certainly seemed very friendly.”

Recently, the prince was spotted wearing a “love pendant” that Chelsy gave him when they first started dating.

“It’s a pretty big sign that she’s back in his thoughts,” a source told the Daily Star, adding, “Harry is still hung up on Chelsy. He sees her as the ‘one who got away’.”

In return, the 26-year-old blonde was seen wearing a ring, gifted to her by Harry.

“She’s been wearing a blue topaz ring Harry bought,” the source said. “Them getting back together has been on the cards since the beginning of the year. It’s unlikely they’ll go public for a while, but things are definitely hotting up between them again.”

The Prince and Chelsy ended their on-off five-year relationship in 2009.