Siri could be brought to Macs via iPhone

Apple has filed a patent which details how pairing up the iPhone 4S to a desktop could bring Siri to devices like the MacBook Pro.

What is more, the iPhone could connect wirelessly to a notebook or laptop, as well as to 3rd party devices.

With this new feature, it would be possible to dictate voice commands to the iPhone so that the actions are executed on the second device that is connected to it.

The patent also notes that devices less functional than a Mac could be paired with Siri as only one of the two electronic handsets needs a microphone, processor and storage device. The paired device would be then tethered through a wired connection.

According to a recent study, nearly 87% of people with an iPhone 4S use Siri very regularly. The most common commands for Siri are to make phone calls or send text messages.