iPhone 6 could feature eco-friendly battery

Apple is known to be working on ways of improving the battery life of the iPhone to meet consumer demand.

According to report from the ibtimes.com, the iPhone 6 could do without the current lithium-ion battery, and incorporate the new technology developed by NEC.

The Organic Radical Battery is 0.3 mm thick, it has the same capabilities as its lithium-ion counterpart, but it adds more flexibility and improves the charging time speed, allowing users to recharge their device in just 30 seconds.

The site also writes that the battery would continue to operate at 75% of the charge even after 500 charge-discharge cycles.

In addition, ORB is generally considered less harmful to the environment thanks to the absence of heavy metals.

Since the battery is still under development, it is possible that this innovation won’t be present in the iPhone 5 but in the iPhone 6.