Project Glass: Google’s smartphone-style glasses revealed

Dubbed Project Glass, this project currently exists through a concept video posted on Google + , with requests for feedback, but confirms Google’s interest in the idea.

“We think technology should work for you-to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t,” the Google team wrote in a post. “A group of us from Google[x] started Project Glass to build this kind of technology, one that helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment. We’re sharing this information now because we want to start a conversation and learn from your valuable input. So we took a few design photos to show what this technology could look like and created a video to demonstrate what it might enable you to do.”

This is primarily a feasibility study but which could lead to a commercial product if the concept is attractive to the public.

The actual device consists of a video camera and a small display over the right eye, with no lens on the left.

In the video below, Google imagine the possible uses of its prototype, which has a good dose of voice commands similar to iPhone’s Siri.

The clip also shows the user seeing various Google icons popping up before him about the the date, time, temperature, camera, chat, location, as well as options for music, texting and calling.