iPhone 5 release date rumor rollup in the week ending April 8: iPhone Pro concept, June launch date, Siri on Macs and others

Siri could be brought to Macs via iPhone

Apple Insider reported that the Cupertino tech giant has filed a patent which details how pairing up the iPhone 4S to a desktop could bring Siri to devices like the MacBook Pro.

What is more, the iPhone could connect wirelessly to a notebook or laptop, as well as to 3rd party devices.

With this new feature, it would be possible to dictate voice commands to the iPhone so that the actions are executed on the second device that is connected to it.

iPhone Pro concept – could the iPhone 5 look like this?

According to designer Jinyoung Choi’s vision, the iPhone PRO includes a 1.2MP rear-facing 3D capable camera which can be hooked up to a DSLR lens that doubles up as a projector with embedded speakers.

In addition, the handset is designed around a 4.5-inch wide LCD with a resolution of 1280×800 and 2 side buttons.

Choi’s concept thus measures 128 x 73 x 9.6 mm, making it a little bit larger than the current iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5 to be unveiled in June, Foxconn employee claims

When asked by a Japanese television channel, a Foxconn recruiter in Taiyuan, China, revealed that the iPhone 5 will be marketed in the month of June.

TV Tokyo’s “World Business Satellite” (WBS) show broadcast a report on Monday in which the recruiting officer announced that the company is heavily recruiting ahead of the iPhone 5 production.

“We’re looking for 18,000 employees…for the fifth-generation phone,” a Foxconn recruiter told the interviewer, as cited by AppleInsider.

“Is that because demand is high for the ‘iPhone 5?'” she asked.

“That’s right. It will come out in June.”

The report confirms rumors that the iPhone 5 will come out this summer and could be unveiled at the Apple Worldwide Developers Convention in June.

iPhone 5 to feature face recognition

ITProPortal reports that Apple has recently filed a patent called “Electronic Device Operation Adjustment Based on Face Detection,” that “details the way a device can act when it recognizes its user.”

According to the patent, the feature could apply to an “electronic device having at least a front facing image capture device and a front facing display device arranged to display visual content.”

The device would thus take an image, match it to data loaded onto it and unlock the device.

Such a feature would prove more secure than other similar applications as the device won’t give alternative access methods in order to unlock.