Are Axl Rose and Lana Del Rey dating?

The former Guns N’ Roses frontman and the 25-year-old singer were seen leaving Chateau Marmont together in West Hollywood on Friday (April 6).

The pair reportedly exited the hotel and drove off in a SUV.

Lana, best known for her SNL “Video Games” performance on SNL, is a fan of the 80’s rock band and once even recorded a ballad titled “Axl Rose Husband.”

In addition, she was spotted at an Axl Rose / Guns N’ Roses show in Hollywood last month.

However, the Video Games singer is still rumored to be in a 7-month relationship with Barrie O’Neil, frontman of Scottish rock band Kassidy.

The unlikely pair has raised some eyebrows due to the big age difference between them as Rose is 25 years her senior.